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The UmaKami Plains

Your US "Tales of" Dream Team

Your Friendly Neighborhood Samurai Horsie


Your US "Tales of" Dream Team

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For those that don't know, I totally LOVE the "Tales of" series of RPGs.  I've played/owned nearly all of them (whenever Bamco decides we in the states are worthy and localizes them >:-( ).  Well, there's a spinoff series called Radiant Mythology for the PSP, where they take a shit ton of characters spanning the "Tales of" universe and put them together.  And I was thinking about that and what my perfect team would be. 

I'll tell you mine, and why I chose them, and you tell me yours, k?  Only one rule, and that's only one playable character per "Tales of" game that was release here in the US.  And here we go!


Phantasia >>> Arche Klein >>> one word: INDIGNATION!  Seriously, when it was a spell and not a hi-ougi. Plus, she cracked me up at times.

Destiny >>> Garr Kelvin >>> this is one of two "Tales of" game I never played, this one due to a horrible reputation.  I chose Garr just because he looked cool.

Eternia >>> Max >>> A good long range support attacker, plus, aside from Chat, he's the only character that stood out in that game.

Symphonia >>> Sheena Fujibayashi >>> Decent character in battle, but I HAD to put a summoner in here.  Sheena was the last summoner in the "Tales of" series.  Seriously, Bamco needs to bring summoning back.  I miss Undine and Efreet and the gang.  Especially Celcius.

Legendia >>> Grune >>> Because you can never have enough overpowered casters in your party, and no one else in that game is worth mentioning... ever...

Abyss >>> Mystearica Aura Fende, aka Tear Grants >>> I wanted to put Jade Curtis or Asch the Bloody in here, but when making the list I realized I had no healer, and I think we'll all agree Tear is by far the best and most efficient healer across all the "Tales of" games

Vesperia >>> Yuri Lowell >>> Seriously, did you think I'd choose anyone but?  Maybe Judith, but Yuri is just too cool. In attacks, skills, hi-ougis, and, of course, attitude, Yuri is the "Tales of" character that stands out the most, to me.

Symphonia 2 >>> Emil Castagnier >>> Only other "Tales of" game I never played, this one due to never making time for it.  Well, there's only two characters to choose from here, and this choice was made simply to balance out the genders... that's it, no other reason. Though he does look kinda cool.


So, there you have it.  I actually am making a drawing of this.  I started sketching it out this morning before the allure of my computer drew me away.  So, what's your's?
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