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The UmaKami Plains

It has come to my attention that I have a few stalkers who are…

Your Friendly Neighborhood Samurai Horsie


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It has come to my attention that I have a few stalkers who are reading my LiveJournal and using it's contents against me irl (at least 2 people that I know of). Therefore from now on my LJ will be visible to mutual friends only. If you wish to be apart of my LJ community and read/comment on my posts then post here and I'll consider it.
  • *nickers* I wanna stay around. I have never done you wrong and don't plan on it. :)

  • Sorry to hear that love :( I'd love to stay around to hear your words
  • Dude, that sucks! :\

    I know I'm not great at commenting, but keep me on anyway. :)
  • XD keep me on there too
  • Some of my family members started reading my journal lately, so I leave everything friends-only by default, and set enough harmless entries to 'public' to keep them happy. No one's the wiser, and for all IRL folks know, they're seeing all my posts. XD
  • rorems and i wish to reads it.
  • I'd like to stay on the friends list.
  • Me? *gives you the unicorn eyes* @.@
  • I'd like to stay in the circle, if you didn't mind. : D

    And damn, too bad about the RL drama shit. Good luck. :/
  • people are stalking you? why would they? ps I want to stay on your friends list
  • o.o I wanna stay in the circle.

    The people being jerks should get a hoof to the ass. <.
  • yo :)
  • Are... Are you kicking me out?

    If you didn't want me to stalk you you could have just said. " Get lost ya nosy bastard and use some soap"

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